Tap Times Tables by pkclsoft

Tap Times Tables by pkclsoft

Another drill app from pkclsoft (addition and subtraction drill app previously reviewed), this time for multiplication tables. Again the theme is squirrels trying to save acorns (for what I assume is the winter). In one of the mini games, the math problem is presented off the middle of the screen, and the child has to click on the bubble with the correct number inside. This time there is an animation of a squirrel shooting a nut with a catapult. As with the other drill app, clicking on the correct number increases the squirrel’s acorns reserves. After the child completes the drill you are able to send the results to a teacher or yourself via e-mail.

Before Selecting Correct Bubble

The app has average graphics, very confusing and convoluted option screens and extremely annoying squirrel voices (which gratefully you can turn off). Something I forgot to mention in the previous review is that I liked the music. I also like the fact that this version provides text boxes explaining patterns related to the multiplication tables being drilled (although I wish they remained on the screen a bit longer).

Option Screen for App


Remove the animal characters, the animal voices, the loosely tied theme and even the music (that I liked) and you end up with a very effective multiplication drill app. And in the end, I can’t complain about that.

Available on the Apple App Store for $2.99. The app is well worth the price. I reviewed it on my iPad, and the app was provided for free by the publisher.

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