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Smart Kids’ Apps will review apps that it receives. This statement comes with a few asterisks. Unfortunately, this is not a large or money-making operation. My family and I do not have the time to review every app that we receive. The intent of the site has always been about reviewing high-quality apps with educational value, and not thousands of random apps. That being said if you do send an app for review and I feel that it doesn’t fit the theme of my site, you will receive a timely human response (so you can use the voucher someplace else).

Send an e-mail to [email protected] if you wish to have your app reviewed.

Please note that:

  1. The app publisher has no control over what is written about the app or the rating that the app receives, even if the app publisher is a current advertiser.
  2. Unless a free game voucher is provided or the .apk, Smart Kids’ App will review the free version and will rate it based on that version.
  3. Currently supported review platforms are Android (including most tablets, phones and Kindle Fire) and iOS (iPhone/IPad). We cannot review apps that are not available for the platforms mentioned above.
  4. We will publish reviews on a first in first out basis, but indie and small publishers will always be reviewed first before any large publisher.

Other services:
If you want us to promote free game codes we will gladly do so as long as it is for apps that follow the theme of the blog and we receive at least 5 game codes to distribute.

You can either send us the codes directly or give us an URL where people can claim the code. If you give us the codes directly we will use to store and distribute the codes.

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