KidSmart by KidSmart Learning Solutions

KidSmart by KidSmart Learning Solutions

The people at KidSmart were kind enough to offer Smart Kids’ Apps an early preview of their new KidSmart app. I have been trying to get my youngest daughter to give it a try and finally she has.

For the most part, she finds the app fun.  She did tell me that she should not be reviewing the math portion of the app because she hates math. She takes multiple days to complete the math portions and due to how the app is structured she can’t do the language arts until the math portion is completed. Not sure if this is configurable or if I like it, but so far it is wokring out. She really liked the avatar she selected and thinks that the mushrooms are from Mario.

As a parent of a home school child (my other children go to public schools), I really like KidSmart. Not only does it help me measure how she is doing based on a standard (even if it is standard based on a school system across the pond), but it also includes support that most education apps do not offer.  For example, the app provides guidance from an actual tutor. I also think the the sicker page is a great idea although currenlty it is very stark with just one sticker.

Overall it is a great app and a great program. Easily worth the monthly subscription fee. As for Luz and I, we will continue to use the app for as long as we have access to it. I also plan to provide upates of our progress as times goes by.

As far as I can tell KidSmart only works on Apple iPads. They are also running an early access special where you can get 20% off the subscription price (check the link on their website).

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