Peg & Pog by Kenikeni Ltd

Peg & Pog by Kenikeni Ltd

There is so much to love about Peg & Pog by Kenikeni. At Smart Kids’ Apps, we love opened-ended play. And Peg & Pog has plenty of opened ended scenes where the child is left to interact with the world as he or she pleases. 

The app has multiple worlds to play in. The worlds are filled with many playable items and touchable surprises. Many of the items are named when touched in a pleasant human voice or at least human enough for me.  You can also switch the spoken language to other languages. There are no written instructions that I can find since the gameplay has an element of discovery.

For parents and children that are used to the great apps from Toca Boca will not only find themselves at home in Peg & Pog but also find new ways to interact and learn. The app might also be useful for older kids trying to learn another language.

Peg & Pog is a game easily worth the price of admission. The graphics and the animations are great. We played the iOS version on an iPhone 7s. A version also exists for Android devices. The app is available for $2.99 in both stores. Although we received a free code we ended up paying for the app. 

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