Monkey Wordschool Adventure by Thup Games

Monkey Wordschool Adventure by Thup Games

Outside of the big publishers, many of the indy educational apps are one dimensional. They have one activity that is repeated over and over again, or they have many of these activities segregated into mini-apps inside the app. This is not the case with Monkey Wordschool Adventure.

Although the activities are different, they appear in a way that feels cohesive. I believe this should help the child remain engaged.

Monkey Worldschool Adventure is nicely illustrated, and the speaking voices appear human and not robotic.

Other things that I liked about the app are the configuration options, the multiple child support, and child progress.

As far as things that I disliked, I found the monkey sound a bit annoying after a while. I don’t think most children will mind, but I wish there were a way to turn off the monkey sound without turning off the rest of the sounds. I also wish the terrarium was more interactive.

In a world where the preschool paid education app market is dominated by one big player, it is nice to see somebody else produce an app of great quality. Monkey Wordschool Adventure is well worth the price of admission, Monkey Wordschool Adventure is available on iOS, Amazon, and Play stores for $1.99. We purchased and reviewed the iOS version.

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