Math Plus Minus by pkclSoft

Math Plus Minus by pkclSoft

Math Plus Minus by pkclSoft is an addition and subtraction drill app for iOS devices. The app is a collection of a couple of mini games. The sub story of these games squirrels trying to save acorns. The app presents you with a math problems and you have to pop the correct number bubble to solve the problems.


Math Plush Minus initial screen.

The app allows you to change the range of numbers, set up a timer, and even to include negatives numbers in the drills. As a math fact addition and subtraction drill app it is comparable or better than most online drill apps, with the exception that most allow you to send the results to the teacher. And this is my major gripe with this app, I can look past the average graphics, the cluttered options screen and the fairly annoying animal speech (it can be turned off). I can’t look past the fact that once a drill is completed, I couldn’t find a way to record how well the child did on that particular drill. I was informed by the publisher that the next version will include this feature.

Although still a drill app, overall not a bad app. None of my kids would play with this game without being asked, but some might play with it as an alternative to other types of drills.

Options Screenshot for Math Plush Minus App


Available on the Apple App Store, I reviewed it on one of my iPad (app provided by the publisher). I couldn’t find an Android version.


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