Counting Bear by

Counting Bear by

The game consists of different number of objects on the screen that get counted as the chid clicks on them. At the end of counting the app provides words of encouragement. The interface is clean. The pictures that are used for counting are beautiful. The voice that counts is clear. It should provide hours of fun for a toddler, although the constant counting is fairly annoying to adults.

What makes this app stand out are the options. Not only are you able to change the minimal and max number to use, but you can change the objects used by providing your own photos and voice, change the words of encouragement, and even change how numbers are pronounced.

With all these options you can customize the app to be a very special app for you your child. For example, you can change the objects to count be people or things that your child loves: favorite pet, the neighbor’s dog, or even dad or mom. The voice counting could be the voice of mom or dad, and the words of encouragement could be from the grandparents.

Fairly simple concept with many options make this app a great educational app for your toddler. Sadly only available on the Apple App Store

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