Presidents vs. Aliens by Dan Russell-Pinson

Presidents vs. Aliens by Dan Russell-Pinson

How many of us know all the presidents? This app is highly entertaining and at the same educational. The concept is simple. By answering questions about the presidents, you receive presidents that then you fling to knock down aliens. Clearing a board gives you presidents that you can save to open up mini-games (I couldn’t review the mini-games because I don’t have enough presidents).


The graphics although simple are more than sufficient. The backgrounds are beautiful pictures of national monuments. The music and the sound effects are great. You can also win power-ups by answering x number of questions in a row. For example my favorite power-up is the ability to fling simultaneously 3 presidents up at the aliens.


Overall a great app. Only available on the Apple App Store (there is a similar named app on Google Play that is not related to this app).

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