Fiete By Wolfgang Schmitz

Fiete By Wolfgang Schmitz

As always I am sometimes wowed by some of the apps that we receive at to be reviewed. Fiete by Wolfgang Schmitz is one of those apps. This educational apps consists of a large main screen that is littered with mini games to click on and explore.

As a fellow developer, this app shames everything I have every produced or will produce. An incredibly beautiful app. The illustrations are gorgeous. The scenes are not cluttered, and have just enough elements to make them interesting. The educational app has enough mini games to keep younger children entertained for many hours (if not weeks). One of the most interesting games involves a matching game where instead of matching similar cards you will have to match items that produce an event. For example upon matching a balloon and a pin both card will show the balloon popped.

As far as cons. I believe this is the first time I don’t have any.

I tested it on a full size iPad, no other version exists that I am aware of, and the app was provided for free by the publisher. It is available on the Apple App Store for $2.99.

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