puppup by Graymedia

puppup by Graymedia

I love electronics books and puppup by Graymedia is an excellent example of one. This particular story book follows the adventure of a loved stuffed animal that gets lost at the zoo, and the adventure that follows as he tries to get back to his family.

The story book is beautifully narrated by a human voice. The illustration are unique. The music and sounds are also well done. Although this is not obvious at first glance, most of the scenes include some sort of interactivity. Encourage your children to click around to see what they find.

As far as parts that I didn’t like. I wish the words would be highlighted as they are being read. Also the book is a bit too long for a typical four-year old. They could have easily done away with the introduction before the story, or have a way to jump ahead.

Overall I very good story book. Available only on the Apple App store for $3.99, I reviewed it on my full size iPad (app was provided for free). App does not have any in app adds or store, and works perfectly offline.

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