Nighty Night! by goodbeans

Nighty Night! by goodbeans

Nighty Night! is a story app about putting all the animals at the farm to sleep and then yourself to sleep. Unlike linear books, this one lets the child choose what scene comes next. Turning off the light in any of scenes puts that particular animal to sleep.

All the scenes are interactive. Touching the animals before they are put to sleep results in a cute animation. Each animal has at least a couple of variations to what they do when touched.

The illustrations are beautiful. The sound effects are great. The scenes are narrated by a beautiful human voice. My 4-year-old daughter played it for a long time and really enjoyed it.

The game is now free and available both for the iPad and iPhone. I and my 4-year-old daughter tested it on the iPhone. Couldn’t find an Android version. No in app store or advertising (other than to promote their other story books). Works fine without internet.

There are some bad reviews on iTunes claiming that lights on mobile devices keep kids up at night. All three of my kids read on mobile devices before going to bed. It doesn’t seem to impact their sleeping time (as in they stay up as late as they can no matter what). This story is a great addition to my 4-year-old night-time apps.

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  1. This is beautiful! I was wondering how farm animals could possibly be lovely& then I saw the pics. I imagine this would be a big hit for a sick child who needed to stay still/ relax.

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