Monster Physics by Dan Russell-Pinson

Monster Physics by Dan Russell-Pinson

Dan Russell-Pinson’s apps are always a hit in our house. This one is no different. For my three children every single empty moment for the last few days has been filled either trying to solve the missions or making creations.

There are two main activity in the game. All activities consists of using parts. In missions you use the parts to solve a physics or design problem. The second activity consists of using the parts to create whatever you can imagine. All the parts of the game obey the laws of physics. The parts are also very varied: monsters, turbine, wings and many other items. You can also modify some of the parameters of the world or of the parts. For example you can change the speed at which a wheel turns or even the level of gravity that is applied to your world. A lot of the parts are interactive.

Each child gets the opportunity to create his or her profile. The progress and the machines they create are also stored on that particular profile.

Absolutely great game. I didn’t have any complaints and the kids have played countless hours since we purchased it a few weeks back. My oldest daughter doesn’t like the restriction of 50 pieces total for her invention (not sure what she is trying to construct with more than 50 pieces).

As usual the graphics are average but colorful and quirky. It also has decent sound effects. I reviewed the iPad version, and sorry no version exist for Android.

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