Math Vs Zombies by TapToLearn Software

Math Vs Zombies by TapToLearn Software

Who doesn’t like Zombies? In Math vs Zombies by TapToLearn Software you use your math skills to convert the citizens of the town back into humans.

The game is played in first person. The zombies come after you from the horizon. As the zombies walk towards the front of the screen a math equation is shown over their heads. Typing in the correct answer and touching the zap button will convert the zombies back into human. There are multiple locations, and a boss at the end of each group of levels. It also has Amazon Game Circle integration to collect achievements.

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The illustrations are great, the music is catchy and the app is all dressed up for the holidays. At the current price of free, it is hard not to give this app a try. I tested it on my Kindle Fire downloaded from the Amazon App store. It is also available in the iTunes App store. It has no ads, no in-app store and doesn’t seem to need internet (except for game circle).

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