Duh! Brazil by duhbooks

I always find it amazing the quality of e-books available at very affordable prices. Duh! Brazil by duhbooks is no exception. Pages filled with great information about Brazil. About its geography, people, fauna, history, and so much more. I loved the illustrations, the photos, and the interactive elements. As far as dislike. In our house... Continue Reading →

eMotion Stories by GO UFO Ltd

eMotion Stories by GO UFO Ltd is a collection of interactive stories for deaf and hard of hearing children. The app and the first story are free. The app features an in-app store to buy other stories. The stories are beautiful illustrated. As with most interactive books, the words are highlighted as they are read.... Continue Reading →

Brave Rooney by Bacciz

Brave Ronney by Bacciz is a story about a little boy starting at a new school where he doesn't feel as special as the other kids. It has all the usual features that make such apps entertaining. As usual you have multiple options on how the book is read. Including being able to automatically flip... Continue Reading →

The Treehouse Express By ZuzusTheCat

The Treehouse Express by ZuzusTheCat is a activity/story book app. In the version that I reviewed only one story and one activity is available. But it seems that a second activity and a second story book are in the works (icons appear for both in the app). The story book is about pirates stealing from... Continue Reading →

puppup by Graymedia

I love electronics books and puppup by Graymedia is an excellent example of one. This particular story book follows the adventure of a loved stuffed animal that gets lost at the zoo, and the adventure that follows as he tries to get back to his family. The story book is beautifully narrated by a human... Continue Reading →

Kids’ Vocab by MindSnacks

Kids' Vocab by MindSnacks is a vocabulary builder educational apps. It does this by using varied and multiple games that re-enforce the meaning, usage and spelling of the words. There is a lot here to like. The animations, illustrations, music and sound effects are all extremely well done. The games are challenging and fun. Many... Continue Reading →

Smart 4 Kids by Isabelle Duston

Smart 4 Kids is an educational reading app, that uses phonics as the main method for teaching kids how to read. Each unit is divided in three. The first part of the unit is a phonics lesson of the particular sound/sounds that is being emphasized in the unit. The second part of a unit is... Continue Reading →

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