Bugaboo Flash Cards by Bugaboo Games

Another educational math game from Bugaboo Games. The app consists of equations that have the missing answer. The child gets to pick the correct answer from the ones presented on the bottom of the screen.

The game has decent graphics and non-irritating sounds effects make this flash card game acceptable. For those that still don’t have a math flash card app, this one could help your child with math facts (especially if they are tested often at school). As for dislikes, I wish the app could track progress for multiple children.

The app is available on the Amazon App, Google Play and Nook store. A free/lite version exists, no in app advertisements and seems to work offline. I reviewed the free version (as prompted by the publisher).

Math Bugaboo by Bugaboo Games

Math Bugaboo is very similar to the game Butterfly Math by the same publisher. Unlike the other game, the subject of this game is creepy crawlers. If you don’t like bugs, stop reading now. The educational part of the app again consists of touching on bugs with numbers (on their backs) to match the result of an equation presented above. The bugs selected leave the screen, and what is left is used for the next problem. Repeat until all or 1 (not enough to answer a question) is left on the screen.

The transition between the levels this time is squashing bugs. The bugs ooze out blue and purple guts. My two youngest kids loved this part of the game. The app is nicely illustrated. The animation of the bugs scattering around is dead on. The bugs are of different shape, sizes and color. My middle son actually enjoyed playing the levels so he can see what the new bugs would look like.

If your children like bugs, and you can either look away (my wife) or don’t mind it (me), this is a great app for those bug loving children to do some math fact drills.

Available both on the Amazon App (Kindle Fire) and the Google Play Store for $0.99. I played the free version (as prompted by the publisher) on an Android phone.

Butterfly Math by Bugaboo Games

Butterfly Math by Bugaboo Games is an educational math game. The educational part of the app consists of clicking on butterflies with numbers to match the result of an equation presented above. The butterflies selected leave the screen, and what is left is used for the next problem. Repeat until all or 1 (not enough to answer a question) is left on the screen.

The second part of the game although not educational does give a nice transition between the math questions. You are challenged to click on as many butterflies.

The game is nicely illustrated. The music and the sound effects are mild enough to not be grading over time (at least for me, my wife had other thoughts). The game play is varied enough to keep your children entertained.

There are a couple of details that I really like. The first one is that there might be more than one set of numbers to satisfy the result of the equation. The second detail I like is the timer. You are given a set amount of time to complete the particular problem. I think the timer makes the game more fun (there is an option to turn it off). Other options available include type of problems (addition, multiplication, addition or subtraction), and music on/off.

Overall not a bad app. I reviewed it on an Android Phone as prompted by the publisher. No iPhone/iPad version exists that I can find. Available for .99 in the Google Play Store. A free version exists. It works offline. No in-app advertising (the free version will ask if you want to upgrade) and no in-app store.

Splash Math Grade 3 by Study Pad, Inc.

Splash Math Grade 3 is an impressive app (both in scope and execution). The app covers more concepts than I can possibly review here, but the Study Pad site includes the entire list of items covered.

The main portion of the app is a set of questions that you can answer by clicking at the correct answer. This same concept is used for both practicing the concepts and testing the concepts. The app also has other areas like the aquarium where the student can buy fishes and crabs with the points that he/she won by completing the lessons. The concepts are taught adequately and with visual aide where appropriate. The app tracks progress, and can send reports.

The rest of the app is also very well done. The graphics are a combination of illustrations and what appear to be pictures of Origami animals. And the sound effects are not jarring.

Although the app is designed for third grade, it could be used for student at the end of second grade. And it can be also used in 4th to learn and practice a student’s weaknesses.

Overall a great app and a great study partner for a student in 3rd grade. Highly recommended. Study Pad, Inc makes similar apps for other grades. All apps are available for the iPhone and iPad (unfortunately no Android version). I tested on the iPad (provided for free by the publisher).

Tap Times Tables by pkclsoft

Another drill app from pkclsoft (addition and subtraction drill app previously reviewed), this time for multiplication tables. Again the theme is squirrels trying to save acorns (for what I assume is the winter). In one of the mini games, the math problem is presented off the middle of the screen, and the child has to click on the bubble with the correct number inside. This time there is an animation of a squirrel shooting a nut with a catapult. As with the other drill app, clicking on the correct number increases the squirrel’s acorns reserves. After the child completes the drill you are able to send the results to a teacher or yourself via e-mail.

Before Selecting Correct Bubble

The app has average graphics, very confusing and convoluted option screens and extremely annoying squirrel voices (which gratefully you can turn off). Something I forgot to mention in the previous review is that I liked the music. I also like the fact that this version provides text boxes explaining patterns related to the multiplication tables being drilled (although I wish they remained on the screen a bit longer).

Option Screen for App


Remove the animal characters, the animal voices, the loosely tied theme and even the music (that I liked) and you end up with a very effective multiplication drill app. And in the end, I can’t complain about that.

Available on the Apple App Store for $2.99. The app is well worth the price. I reviewed it on my iPad, and the app was provided for free by the publisher.