Tap Kids by 2be!creative

Tap Kids is an iPad/iPhone app with four different mini-games. All the mini-games are variations on the same theme: click on the number, color, object or animal when told. You score points for each successful click and lose points when you don't click the correct one. You are also rewarded for doing it as fast... Continue Reading →

Hungry Fish by Motion Math

The concept is fairly simple but brilliant. A hungry fish floats about the screen while plants (or what look like plants to me) bubble numbers (bubbles with numbers in them). You join the bubbles together so that they match what the fish is hungry for (it is displayed on the body of the fish). The... Continue Reading →

U.S. Presidents by Socratica, LLC

The app is a very simple presidential study guide. Each president has its own card with really basic information like: years he was president, the vice-president, and a picture. The app also provides a link to the wiki page of that particular president. Of little value, the app has a parade of presidents that consists... Continue Reading →

Presidents vs. Aliens by Dan Russell-Pinson

How many of us know all the presidents? This app is highly entertaining and at the same educational. The concept is simple. By answering questions about the presidents, you receive presidents that then you fling to knock down aliens. Clearing a board gives you presidents that you can save to open up mini-games (I couldn't... Continue Reading →

Dictionary.com by Dictionary.com, LLC

Available from the Apple App Store (version reviewed), Play, and Amazon. This $2.99 version of this dictionary is all the dictionary you might need. Like any good dictionary, it provides  a detail definition of the word, idioms, origin and even sample sentences. Although I have not reviewed any other dictionary app, two features really stand out. The first one... Continue Reading →

Stack the States

States drop from top of screen, and the player is prompted to touch the correct state. Doing it correctly enough times clears the board and you are awarded a particular state. The awarded state is displayed on the USA map. Even as an adult I enjoy the game. Great sound effects, graphics, and addictive elements make it... Continue Reading →

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