Franklin Frog by nosy crow

When my first daughter was young she use to love this show called Oswald. I use to spend hours watching it with her. What I liked so much about the show was its simplicity, the clarity of the message and how calm and gentle the show was (while still being captivating). I can say all... Continue Reading →

Wheels on the Bus by Duck Duck Moose

Almost everybody has heard of the song Wheels on the Bus. I suspect there are at least a few dozen variations of the song. With this app your son can sing along with some of the traditional verses. For each verse this application presents a beautiful illustrated scene. Each of these scenes has items that... Continue Reading →

Tap Kids by 2be!creative

Tap Kids is an iPad/iPhone app with four different mini-games. All the mini-games are variations on the same theme: click on the number, color, object or animal when told. You score points for each successful click and lose points when you don't click the correct one. You are also rewarded for doing it as fast... Continue Reading →

Counting Bear by

The game consists of different number of objects on the screen that get counted as the chid clicks on them. At the end of counting the app provides words of encouragement. The interface is clean. The pictures that are used for counting are beautiful. The voice that counts is clear. It should provide hours of... Continue Reading →

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