Butterfly Math by Bugaboo Games

Butterfly Math by Bugaboo Games is an educational math game. The educational part of the app consists of clicking on butterflies with numbers to match the result of an equation presented above. The butterflies selected leave the screen, and what is left is used for the next problem. Repeat until all or 1 (not enough... Continue Reading →

Numerosity By ThoughtBox

Every app wants to be a rock star, Numerosity by ThoughtBox comes up close. It is amazing how an educational math app that is simple is also very entertaining. Basically the app (like many reviewed here) consist of answering math equations. The difference in this app is the pacing. The pacing is fast. The app... Continue Reading →

Kindergarten Kids Math by Infinut

Kindergarten Kids by Infinut is a math education app for Android. This app consists of 6 mini games. Counting where you have to drag circles into a container until you reach the number of circles. Maze where you drag your finger across the particular number from one end of the grid to the other end.... Continue Reading →

Math vs. Aliens Roger Purcell

Math vs. Aliens is another math fact game. The game play is fairly simple. At the top of the screen you are presented with a math problem for a particular animal. You then have to tap as many of those animals to answer the math problem correctly. Parents that are looking for an app to... Continue Reading →

Hungry Fish by Motion Math

The concept is fairly simple but brilliant. A hungry fish floats about the screen while plants (or what look like plants to me) bubble numbers (bubbles with numbers in them). You join the bubbles together so that they match what the fish is hungry for (it is displayed on the body of the fish). The... Continue Reading →

Everyday Mathematics Monster Squeeze

Published by McGraw-Hill, the game consists of trying to guess a mystery number by selecting a number from 1 to 10. The monster will cover the guessed number and any numbers above and below the guessed number with its tentacles. The game voice will then tell you if the mystery number is below or above... Continue Reading →

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