TapThePic by Oleg Fedorov

TapThePic by Oleg Fedorov is a straight forward app targeted at very young children. The concept of the app is to show pictures of items or people and have the child touch them. When the child touches the picture it zooms and the app makes a sound.

The free version of the app comes with one set of pictures, but you can buy other sets on the in-app store. Both the settings for the app and the in-app store are only visible when you sequentially click on the four corners of the screen. You can also make your own sets. I could imagine making a set with pictures and sounds from other member of the family. Image one where when your child clicks on your picture you tell him/her you love him, and clicks on the dog and the dog barks. Unfortunately all my children are past the age where this app would be entertaining.

Overall a great concept well executed for an age group that doesn’t get that much attention. The free version was recently updated to include more pictures and backgrounds.

I tested the free version as prompted by the publisher. It is available in the Apple App Store. Works offline, and does have an in app store to buy other picture packs but it would be impossible for the targeted age range to accidentally find it.

Gombby Channel by Magnistage

I played this app with my 5-year-old daughter. Here at Smart Kids’ App we are always behind with reviews: too many ask for reviews, and not a lot of time to do them in.

My plan was to do a few today, and schedule them to be published through the week. Unfortunately that will probably not occur. You see my 5-year-old saw me launch this app, and after asking me a few times how to play it, she has now seen all three fee episode. I am probably on the hook for some of the paid ones.

Gombby Channel is not a game, but rather an app where you can watch the Gombby an animated cartoon series. As stated before the first three episodes are free, after that you are forced to buy more episode if your child wants to continue to watch.

The episodes are beautifully animated and illustrated. The music is beautiful. The colors vibrant. Overall they are of very high quality. The stories (the 2 I have seen at this point) are gentile and appropriate to the age that they are targeted for. The stories usually have educational arcs that are explained through the episode.

Overall I really like the app and Gombby. And by the looks of it, so does my 5-year-old daughter. Available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. I reviewed the Apple version on my iPad.

I received a press release from the publisher suggesting I review this app.

Teach Me Apps: English for Kids by Bee Digital

Teach Me Apps: English for Kids by Bee Digital is an iPad app with 12 distinct activities. The include site works, vocabulary and spelling activities. All the activities are well thought out. For example the Alphabet activity has a particular object for each letter, but if you play that activity over or even go back to a previous letter the object is different. I also loved the voice is human and clear. The illustrations are beautiful, and the music is varied and not annoying.

Teach Me Apps: English for Kids is a great app for native speaking little children and for anybody learning English as a second language. I couldn’t find anything that I disliked about the app. Even the background is one of the cutest backgrounds I have seen in a while (kids drawings). The app has no ads, no in app purchases and the external links are protected behind a parent log in. I reviewed the full version as provided by the publisher, but a free version exists.

Math Vs Zombies by TapToLearn Software

Who doesn’t like Zombies? In Math vs Zombies by TapToLearn Software you use your math skills to convert the citizens of the town back into humans.

The game is played in first person. The zombies come after you from the horizon. As the zombies walk towards the front of the screen a math equation is shown over their heads. Typing in the correct answer and touching the zap button will convert the zombies back into human. There are multiple locations, and a boss at the end of each group of levels. It also has Amazon Game Circle integration to collect achievements.

The illustrations are great, the music is catchy and the app is all dressed up for the holidays. At the current price of free, it is hard not to give this app a try. I tested it on my Kindle Fire downloaded from the Amazon App store. It is also available in the iTunes App store. It has no ads, no in-app store and doesn’t seem to need internet (except for game circle).

Cutie Monsters Jigsaw Puzzles Preschool by Little Phoenix Interactive

Created just for toddlers, Cutie Monsters Jigsaw Puzzles by Phoenix Interactive is a learn to count interactive app.

Cutie Monsters has beautiful and creative illustrations, and good sound effects. As far as educational content the app consists of two main activities. One is an interactive story book. You have the option of either reading with the app by touching each word or letting the book read itself. In between the pages that have the story text, there are pages where you can click at animal parts to count. The second part of the app is the puzzle scene where you put together the monsters you just played with. The pieces are of a decent size, and snap into place when they find their place.

I questions some of the permissions required to run the app (on Android), especially since it doesn’t seem that it uses them. But overall it is a beautifully executed app. No in app purchase. No ads. And no internet required.

The app was reviewed on a Kindle Fire HD and is available on the Amazon App Store for $1.99. It also available in the Google Play and Apple App store (for other amounts). I limited free version exists.

Monkey Math – Jetpack Adventure by GiggleUp.

Who doesn’t like monkeys? Especially flying monkeys! Monkey Math by GiggleUp is a math educational app where a flying monkey avoids obstacles, shoots down enemies with bananas, and collects coins. All these activities have to be performed by answering math problems.

The graphics and animations are great, the music is ok (it might get annoying to parents after a while), and the game is actually fun to play (even for me). The story behind the game is nicely narrated using comic strips illustrations. The app supports multiple users and keeps track of each child’s progress.

As far as dislikes, the app does have an in-app store that is fairly easy to get to.

If you are into doing math drills with your child, and want an app that does that and provides some entertainment value then this might be the app for you. Since a free version of the app exists, you can always try it before you buy it. I tested it on my full size iPad. No android version exists. It works offline. The app was reviewed at the request of the publisher, and is available in the Apple App Store for $2.99.

Bugaboo Flash Cards by Bugaboo Games

Another educational math game from Bugaboo Games. The app consists of equations that have the missing answer. The child gets to pick the correct answer from the ones presented on the bottom of the screen.

The game has decent graphics and non-irritating sounds effects make this flash card game acceptable. For those that still don’t have a math flash card app, this one could help your child with math facts (especially if they are tested often at school). As for dislikes, I wish the app could track progress for multiple children.

The app is available on the Amazon App, Google Play and Nook store. A free/lite version exists, no in app advertisements and seems to work offline. I reviewed the free version (as prompted by the publisher).

Kids Sounds by Pyjamas Apps

Kids Sounds by Pyjamas Apps reminds me of Apple’s GarageBand. But instead of using instruments to make music, you touch items in the scene to make sounds. Some of the objects continue to play the sound after you stop touching them, which allows you and your kids to layer the sounds to create interesting patterns.

The app is beautifully illustrated, and the music that it creates wasn’t annoying (at least for me). My daughter had a great time playing with the two free scenes that come with the app. The in app store requires you to hold your touch over the store items to make it harder for younger kids to buy them accidentally (a nice touch). I really love the open-ended of the app. There is really no wrong way to play this app.

As for dislikes I only have one: I wish you could record, save, and send your music creations. Overall a great music educational app.

I tested the free version (as prompted by the publisher) on my full size iPad. It costs .99 cents to get all 6 scenes. I couldn’t find an Android version, it doesn’t have in app advertisement, and it works offline.

The Treehouse Express By ZuzusTheCat

The Treehouse Express by ZuzusTheCat is a activity/story book app. In the version that I reviewed only one story and one activity is available. But it seems that a second activity and a second story book are in the works (icons appear for both in the app).

The story book is about pirates stealing from each other (with an important lesson in the end). The illustrations (paintings) are quirky and beautiful. I loved the story, and the illustrations. The book is read out loud by a human voice and many of the pages have interactive items. I wish that all pages had interactive items, because my kids spent significant amount of time clicking on pages with none. I also didn’t like how the pages are turned. My daughter flipped the pages by accident on may occasions. The text is also not highlighted as the story is read.

The activity consists of three illustrated characters with swappable parts. All three of my kids loved this activity. I loved hearing their laughter as they swapped a girl arm for a bear arm.

The app is free. Even with all the little faults that I found, my children really enjoyed it. I even heard them laugh. An educational app that makes all three of my kids laugh out loud gets a 5 star rating every time.

The app is available in the Apple App store for Free. I couldn’t find an Android version. Works offline. No in app ads or store that I could find. I reviewed it (as prompted by the publisher) on my full size iPad.

Grade K Math by Study Pad, Inc.

This is the second app from Study Pad, Inc we review. We reviewed the 3rd grade app before and this educational app is just as good.

As with the first app the illustrations, music, and animations are very well down. It also keeps track of multiple students (a great addition for houses or schools where not every student has an iPad).

I tried this app with my 5-year-old daughter. At least at her age and skill level it is not an app that I can give her and just walk away (slightly advance). But we did have a great time working through the problems. I think I will add it to her home school activities.

Overall a great app. It is available in the Apple App store for $9.99. I free version exists. The app does not need internet connection, and the full version does not have in-app advertisement or in-app store (except to promote their other apps). I reviewed it on my full size iPad, and it was provided for free by the publisher.