TapThePic by Oleg Fedorov

TapThePic by Oleg Fedorov is a straight forward app targeted at very young children. The concept of the app is to show pictures of items or people and have the child touch them. When the child touches the picture it zooms and the app makes a sound. The free version of the app comes with... Continue Reading →

Gombby Channel by Magnistage

I played this app with my 5-year-old daughter. Here at Smart Kids' App we are always behind with reviews: too many ask for reviews, and not a lot of time to do them in. My plan was to do a few today, and schedule them to be published through the week. Unfortunately that will probably... Continue Reading →

Monkey Math – Jetpack Adventure by GiggleUp.

Who doesn't like monkeys? Especially flying monkeys! Monkey Math by GiggleUp is a math educational app where a flying monkey avoids obstacles, shoots down enemies with bananas, and collects coins. All these activities have to be performed by answering math problems. The graphics and animations are great, the music is ok (it might get annoying... Continue Reading →

Bugaboo Flash Cards by Bugaboo Games

Another educational math game from Bugaboo Games. The app consists of equations that have the missing answer. The child gets to pick the correct answer from the ones presented on the bottom of the screen. The game has decent graphics and non-irritating sounds effects make this flash card game acceptable. For those that still don't... Continue Reading →

Kids Sounds by Pyjamas Apps

Kids Sounds by Pyjamas Apps reminds me of Apple's GarageBand. But instead of using instruments to make music, you touch items in the scene to make sounds. Some of the objects continue to play the sound after you stop touching them, which allows you and your kids to layer the sounds to create interesting patterns.... Continue Reading →

The Treehouse Express By ZuzusTheCat

The Treehouse Express by ZuzusTheCat is a activity/story book app. In the version that I reviewed only one story and one activity is available. But it seems that a second activity and a second story book are in the works (icons appear for both in the app). The story book is about pirates stealing from... Continue Reading →

Grade K Math by Study Pad, Inc.

This is the second app from Study Pad, Inc we review. We reviewed the 3rd grade app before and this educational app is just as good. As with the first app the illustrations, music, and animations are very well down. It also keeps track of multiple students (a great addition for houses or schools where... Continue Reading →

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