Toca Hair Salon 2 by Toca Boca

After our summer hiatus, what would be better than to start with a review of a Toca Boca app. Toca Hair Salon is yet again a beautifully executed app that will delight children young and old. In this app you are a head dresser. In a usual Toca Boca fashion the game play is completely... Continue Reading →

Fibble HD by Crytek

We have reviewed plenty in the past, but sometimes I question the educational value of some puzzle apps. I can understand the need to teach children reflexes and spacial problem solving, but how many of these apps do you need clogging up your phone or tablet. In Fibble HD by Crytek Gmbh you fling the... Continue Reading →

Math Bugaboo by Bugaboo Games

Math Bugaboo is very similar to the game Butterfly Math by the same publisher. Unlike the other game, the subject of this game is creepy crawlers. If you don't like bugs, stop reading now. The educational part of the app again consists of touching on bugs with numbers (on their backs) to match the result... Continue Reading →

Butterfly Math by Bugaboo Games

Butterfly Math by Bugaboo Games is an educational math game. The educational part of the app consists of clicking on butterflies with numbers to match the result of an equation presented above. The butterflies selected leave the screen, and what is left is used for the next problem. Repeat until all or 1 (not enough... Continue Reading →

Kids Coloring & Painting by DMT Source

I few months ago we reviewed another educational app from DMT Source. This time around we get to look at Kids Coloring & Painting. For a free app with no in-app store, this app is filled with options. You can select the background, extras (background flourishes), and some typical coloring book illustrations. You can also... Continue Reading →

Kindergarten Kids Math by Infinut

Kindergarten Kids by Infinut is a math education app for Android. This app consists of 6 mini games. Counting where you have to drag circles into a container until you reach the number of circles. Maze where you drag your finger across the particular number from one end of the grid to the other end.... Continue Reading →

Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzle 123 by GiggleUp

Puzzles in general are great educationally. Although screen puzzles lose the tactile education elements, Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzle 123 is one of the best puzzle app that we have reviewed. When the app starts you select your board. For any board, particular animals are missing. Clicking on the animal bring up that animal's puzzle. Complete the... Continue Reading →

Magical Music Box By Kidoteca

Magic Music Box by Kidoteca was one of our favorite apps when we started. Notified by the publisher of an update, we will take the opportunity to note any changes to the app as well as revise the review with our current thoughts. Consisting of nothing more than musical boxes, the apps illustrations are beautiful.... Continue Reading →

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