Smash Your Food by Food N’ Me

Wouldn't it be fun to smash a donut? Would you allow your children to smash foods if it didn't involve a mess, didn't waste food, and provided educational facts about the foods we eat? Smash Your Food attempts to do just that. The game is fairly simple. You guess what the sugar, fat and salt... Continue Reading →

iTooch Elementary School by eduPad Inc.

iTooch Elementary School app is a typical question and answer study aid for elementary students with an interesting twist. The questions are very nicely written and presented. They are also clearly worded and easy to see. The questions are not all words and multiple choices. Some of the questions have pictures, graphs and other elements.... Continue Reading →

Monster Physics by Dan Russell-Pinson

Dan Russell-Pinson's apps are always a hit in our house. This one is no different. For my three children every single empty moment for the last few days has been filled either trying to solve the missions or making creations. There are two main activity in the game. All activities consists of using parts. In... Continue Reading →

Tap Times Tables by pkclsoft

Another drill app from pkclsoft (addition and subtraction drill app previously reviewed), this time for multiplication tables. Again the theme is squirrels trying to save acorns (for what I assume is the winter). In one of the mini games, the math problem is presented off the middle of the screen, and the child has to... Continue Reading →

Math Plus Minus by pkclSoft

Math Plus Minus by pkclSoft is an addition and subtraction drill app for iOS devices. The app is a collection of a couple of mini games. The sub story of these games squirrels trying to save acorns. The app presents you with a math problems and you have to pop the correct number bubble to solve... Continue Reading →

Magi Forest By Ola Games

Magi Forest is a puzzle game where you click on gems to drop animals into their nest. Upon dropping all the animals into their nest you can proceed to the next level. The background and the characters are beautifully painted. The music is also very nice: not extremely annoying after extended play. There is also... Continue Reading →

Hungry Fish by Motion Math

The concept is fairly simple but brilliant. A hungry fish floats about the screen while plants (or what look like plants to me) bubble numbers (bubbles with numbers in them). You join the bubbles together so that they match what the fish is hungry for (it is displayed on the body of the fish). The... Continue Reading →

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