Reviewing kids' apps so you don't have to.


Smart Kids’ Apps only reviews educational apps. The apps’ reviews are written by parents or their children, with a view to the app’s educational value and long-term playability.

Full disclosure.
1. No review copy is accepted from the app publisher.
2. No payment of any kind is accepted to receive a favorable review or to move the review to the top of the pile. But friendly e-mails requesting that the review be posted on a particular day are accommodated if possible.
3. Free game codes are excepted and used for review or as promotional items. In an event we receive a free device, we either use it for future reviews or give it away as a promo.
4. Smart Kids’ Apps receives a commission for any iOS app that is bought by using the links for that particular app in the review.
5. We also receive compensation either directly (when you buy the ads through us) or indirectly by displaying ads (an ad network).
6. We do not store or sell any information: personal or otherwise, but the ad networks do aggregate general information about who visits the site.

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