Paquitoland Maria & Thomas: On The Farm by IMAGINARIUM S.A.

Paquitoland Maria & Thomas by Imaginarium S.A is a simple farm app for younger children. Kids get to move animals around a fixed farm background.

Since I tested the free version, there are other animals that I was not able to click. Those appear as white animals on the screen. My daughter didn’t mind these and mostly disregards them.

The most brilliant part of the app are the interactive elements. Many of the app reviewed here have interactive elements, but this is the first where the interaction depends on factors of its surrounding. For example click on a cloud anywhere but in a valley and the cloud produces rain. Click on that same cloud as it passes over a valley and the cloud produces rain followed by a rainbow appearing over the valley. This is the first time I have seen visual problem solving for small children based on interactive elements. Sadly not enough of these educational elements exist (at least not in the free version).

The graphics are average but cute. The music that plays in a loop gets annoying to adults (but not my kids). I couldn’t find a way to turn off the sound on the game.

Honestly, I did not like the app. I felt it needed more. But this is a blog where the opinions of my kids also get factored in. And although the app was not liked by the two older kids, the little one loved it. She has played it on and off for the last few days.

The app appears to work offline. It does have an in-app store, and a banner to upgrade the app running across the top. The good news is that it is a one time buy and not a star or coin scam. It has no 3rd party in app ads.

Overall a decent simple farm app with some educational elements. Download the usable free version and see if it is a hit with your younger kids.

I played the free version on my full size iPad (as promoted by the publisher). It is available on the Apple App Store.

2 thoughts on “Paquitoland Maria & Thomas: On The Farm by IMAGINARIUM S.A.

  1. I can se this being annoying but I bet it would be great for having on during car rides and such for the 4yo. 4yo’s like repetition and rainbows 😀

  2. Though I generally avoid anything I can’t easily turn the sound off in, my three year old, who loves farms to the moon and back would love something like this.

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