Kids Coloring & Painting by DMT Source

I few months ago we reviewed another educational app from DMT Source. This time around we get to look at Kids Coloring & Painting.

For a free app with no in-app store, this app is filled with options. You can select the background, extras (background flourishes), and some typical coloring book illustrations. You can also choose to not select anything except the background color.

The app design is clean and intuitive. It is fairly easy to understand what each button does, and each button works without added complication. The save buttons saves a picture of your work into the photo gallery. The color choice tool is easy to figure out and requires no reading (great for smaller kids).

On my Android tablet the app will undo pencil marks if you press the back button (not sure if this is intentional). It is a great feature for children that make mistake and then get upset that they have to start over.

I have very few gripes: on my tablets there are some widgets on the bottom of the option screen that I am not clear what they are supposed to do, and the undo feature is not well documented and doesn’t seem to work consistently across the drawing tools.

Although I have not reviewed many free coloring apps Kids Coloring & Painting is one of the best so far. More than worth the download if your kids don’t have a drawing app that they like.

Reviewed on my full size Android tablet, it is available in the Google Play market for free. (Publisher requested the app be reviewed).