Kindergarten Kids Math by Infinut

Kindergarten Kids by Infinut is a math education app for Android.

This app consists of 6 mini games. Counting where you have to drag circles into a container until you reach the number of circles. Maze where you drag your finger across the particular number from one end of the grid to the other end. Sequence where you have to figure out the number that is missing in a Sequence. Tens & ones where you drag coins until you match the number requested. Add and Subtract where after looking at a simple equation you have to pull down the correct number of circles into a container.

The app has below average graphics and very little sounds and no music. As a no frills math app, it is a solid app (just don’t expect your kids to find it entertaining). On the plus side it has no in-app purchases or ads.

Except for the Add and Subtract modules, all the modules are straight forward. For the addition and subtraction module, although the answer to the math equation is shown as one option, you are forced to drag the circles into the box to answer it.

I tested the free version on a full size Android tablet. The app is available on the Google Play and Amazon App Market.