Dress-Up! by By Antti Lehtinen

Sometimes in Smart Kids Apps we get apps that I really want to like. Dress-Up! by Antti Lehtinen is just that type of app. Two of my children love dress up apps, and all the ones I have seen so far would not be considered educational apps. Dress-Up! tries to change all that by providing puzzles games you can play with your dressed up dolls.

This app is not bad. It has incredibly cute and beautiful illustrations. Big eyed dolls you child can dress up and some interesting puzzles to complete with the dolls. The background music is average and might get annoying after a while, but that can be said of all other dress up apps.

As far as dislikes. I don’t like the in-app purchases, and that the content provided for free doesn’t give a good idea of what the rest of the app is like. I also wish there were more variety in certain aspects of the doll (like skin color).

I reviewed the app on both an iPhone and a full size iPad. It is available on the Apple App Store.