Smart 4 Kids by Isabelle Duston

Smart 4 Kids is an educational reading app, that uses phonics as the main method for teaching kids how to read. Each unit is divided in three. The first part of the unit is a phonics lesson of the particular sound/sounds that is being emphasized in the unit. The second part of a unit is a game where your child can practice what he just learned. And finally the unit ends with a short story that emphasizes the key elements of the unites while reading the story. In addition to the units, there is a library of books that are read beautifully by a human voice.

As stated before the human voice reading the book is great. The illustrations and sounds are also very well done, the library that consists of international heroes stories is genius, and the first 6 units are free. Enough content to play through them and decide if you wish to buy the rest.

So what isn’t there to love. The app concept is great. The execution on the other hand is not. Some of the games don’t behave as you would expect: in certain games you are able to continue clicking even after selecting the appropriate letters, while one of the stories is being read you are able to select part of the screen and end up with an annoying blue dot for the rest of it, and how to flip the page isn’t clear or intuitive.

As far as education apps Smart 4 Kids is a good educational app. I highly recommended that you download the free version and give the first 6 unites a try (if you are into Phonics). I tested the free version available in the Apple App Store on my iPhone (as prompted by the publisher). No Android version exists.