Geometry Quest by Bugaboo Math Games For Kids

Since I have not reviewed many educational Geometry apps, I was excited when the publisher Bugaboo requested that I review this app. Geometry Quest does not disappoints. In this app, you get the opportunity to travel around the world. Each city has a set of geometry questions that you need to answer to be able to travel to another part of the world (and another city). In order to be able to visit a country you need to have a passport. You start the game with 3 passports. You lose a passport every time you miss a question. If you lose all your passports you are not able to travel to the next part of the world. As you enter each part of the world you are presented with some pictures from that area.

The app is very well done. The questions and answers are clear, and the app provides hints if you get the answer incorrect with your first try.

Now for the things I didn’t like. On one of the devices I tested it, it would take a very long time to load the scene picture after selecting a place on the map. It took so long that initially I thought the app was frozen. Although the tablet is not state of the art by todays standards, it still is fairly fast (dual core, 1 gig ram). I understand the problem of trying to support many android devices, but as a consumer it is hard to pay for an app that might not work on a device. At least there is a free version. I also wish the app supported landscape view for all its screens. As it is now, some screen flip to landscape and other don’t. And lastly I wish it supported multiple users, and provided some description of what the particular lesson is about.

Overall a very good app. I tested the Android free version as prompted by the publisher. It is available on Google Play, the Android App Store, and the Barnes and Noble store for the Nook.

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