I love you Little Bird by Jennaya Monroe

I have reviewed many interactive story books on Smart Kids Apps, but this is the first one that the book doesn’t take up the entire screen of the iPad. Instead there is a border.

I Love You Little Bird by Jennaya Monroe is beautiful. The story is heartwarming and the illustrations are very well down. As many of these interactive books, you can have the book read to you or read the book yourself. I love that a clear human voice reads the book.

Many of the scenes have interactive elements. For example you can help build a nest or play in the mud.

As for gripes: I don’t like the border and the resulting small area that is left for the book. I felt it distracted from the story telling, and cheapened the feel of the book. I wish the app would highlight the words as they were being read. And I didn’t like that I couldn’t click on the URL to buy the physical book.

Overall a great book, a great story and an outstanding bargain (at $.99 it will be impossible to find a physical book of this quality). Although I had issues with the book presentation: the story telling, the voice reading it, the interactive elements and the illustrations easily make up for these deficiencies.

I reviewed the iPad version (provided for free by the publisher). An Android version also exist on the Play Store.