Kids Clothes & Seasons: Learn to dress up by Pyjamas Apps

My children are going to have a hard time picking the app of the month. This blog has been inundated with very good apps lately. Kids Clothes & Season: Learn to dress up is no exception.

After the customary splash screen, I was able to select a girl or a boy as my avatar. Inside the house my avatar was wearing his PJs, and I can tell that it was a hot sunny day from looking out the window. Before I was allowed to take my avatar outside, I had to replace his PJ with pants, a shirt and shoes from his closet. If I didn’t select the correct items of clothing, when my avatar stepped outside he would overheat. From looking at the scenes coming up, I see some cold days, raining days and other variations. I didn’t play past the first scene, but in each scene I would have to dress my avatar appropriately for the weather outside. The app is a very creative puzzle games.

The app has above average illustrations and music. I really liked the characters: they are cute and bright. The clothes and items around them are also nicely detailed, and many of them are interactive. For example I was able to turn the lights inside the house on and off by clicking the light switch near the door.

I have very few gripes. I wish there were more clothing options, and some of the items my avatar could wear were not that obviously wearable (this will come obviously clear on the first puzzle).

Overall a great educational app. I played the app (provided for free by the publisher) on my full-sized iPad. It is available on the Apple App Store for $1.99 (Currently on sale for .99). I couldn’t find an Android version.