I Spy with Lola by BeiZ Ltd.

I have played I spy with my children on long road trips. I Spy with Lola is not exactly that game, but it is a lot of fun. Lola the panda travels from place to place around the world. By clicking on a place you enter a scene where you are prompted to find particular items. You find the items by clicking on them in the screen. The scenes are larger than the width of the device screen, so you have to scroll to find the items. Completing scenes allows you to collect stars that are used to unlock other parts of the world.

Overall the graphs and animations look great. The music is catchy (but maybe annoying in the long run). My children loved the game including the oldest (who is 11).

An easy game to love. Great graphics, catchy music, and varied scenes and object placements make this an entertaining game.

Available for the iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) and Android devices (both on Play and Amazon App Store), I reviewed the iOS version on my full size iPad. The publisher provided the app.