Dr. Morph’s Memo By Raketspel AB

Every app store is littered with matching memory games (including one I created about a year a go). All the ones I have tried consist of flipping cards that flip back if you can’t find the matching one. Dr. Morph’s Memo is also a matching game. This app has no cards and it has no flipping. Instead of cards the app has beautiful illustrated 3D boxes that drop from above at the start of the level. Clicking on a box causes one of the animals to pop out. Matching two boxes based on the animals that temporarily pop their heads out makes the boxes disappear, the animals to jump out of the box, and increases the volume of potion in the beaker (located on the top of the screen). Once the beaker is full, you are rewarded with one extra animal to match in future rounds. The game apparently has 100 different animals to win, and then match. You also get a gallery to view the animals that you have won already.

There are also other variations to the game. There is the ability to have a time limit to complete each level, and a variation where you only get three opportunities to match the angry-looking dogs.

So up to this point I have described the game play. The rest of the game is also outstanding. The graphics are unique, quirky and above average. The music although not varied is again quirky and very catchy.

Ultimately most of the apps that are reviewed on this blog, I end up deleting from my devices. There is only so much space, and we receive so many app review requests (many don’t end up getting reviewed). This app will probably stick around for a while. I love it. I am amazed that somebody took a tried and tired concept like a memory matching game and created such a unique experience. If you are looking for a memory matching game, you can’t go wrong with this app.

The app was provided by the publisher for free, and I tested it on a full size iPad. It has no in-game purchasing, no ads, and works offline. It is available only on the Apple App Store for $2.99.