Number Splash by DMT Source

It is rare I get to review an Android app. Very rarely are publishers willing to send me the app via e-mail (due to piracy concerns), and unfortunately both the Google Play and the Amazon App store do not have an easy way to gift an app. I was very excited to receive Number Splash by DMT Source.

The app consists of 6 different math activities that you individually select from a menu. Let’s Count allows you to count back and forth by click on a set of arrows. While clicking the arrows, fish appear on the left top of the screen. On other activities you have to guess what number comes next (What’s Missing), count the fish and provide the count of fish by clicking on a box (How Many), answer addition/subtraction equations, and clicking on bubbles until they add up to a number (bubble sum).

From the settings menu you are able to adjust the ranges of the numbers used in the activities (from 1 to 20 in most cases), see a progress report, and change the language. The language settings of the app is a very useful feature. You can select two languages at the same time. Then at any time a number is read, the app will read it in the two languages that have been selected. This is a great option for children and adults trying to learn a second language.

The game has average graphics and somewhat repetitive background music. I did not find a way to turn the sound off for the app itself, but of course you can turn down the volume for the device (less convenient since you lose the spoken numbers). The equations are missing the equal sign (a minor gripe); and the app cannot keep track of progress for multiple children.

Overall a very good app. The ability to select multiple languages is a great feature. The app was provided free by the publisher. I tested it on a 4 inch phone, a 7 inch tablet and a 9 inch tablet. The app didn’t have any problems adjusting to the different screen sizes.