iTooch Elementary School by eduPad Inc.

iTooch Elementary School app is a typical question and answer study aid for elementary students with an interesting twist.

The questions are very nicely written and presented. They are also clearly worded and easy to see. The questions are not all words and multiple choices. Some of the questions have pictures, graphs and other elements. Some of the elements even zoom when clicked. And some of them are answered by typing, and underlining.

You are able to pick particular topics out-of-order (as seen on the screenshots). The app keeps track of the students progress and all the questions have an info screen to provide you with detail about how to solve the problem. The actual app is free, but each of the subjects cost around $4.99. Fortunately all the current content allows you to try a few lessons before you buy.

And now for the twist. As an educator you are able to create content that will show up in the in-app store of the app. The educator creates the content using an online content creation tool (which I didn’t try). Then the profits of any sales of the particular book is shared with the content creator. This technically allows educators with neither the resources or knowledge to create apps to distribute content for a profit.

As usual my review would not be complete without my gripes. The questions are not read, so children that have not mastered reading but should be able to answer the question will need the questions read. Also I couldn’t find a way to handle multiple students other than resetting the entire app. When you reset the app, the score and progress is erased. This is problematic in households with more than one child in grade school and not one device per child. Hopefully these items are oversight on my part, and are existing (but well hidden) features of the app. Also I find it interesting that a Windows 8 version exists, but none for Android devices.

Overall the app is fantastic, and recommended as a study aid for students in grade school. I tested the free iOS version both on my iPad and iPhone.