Toontastic Jr. Pirates By Launchpad Toys

I few months back I reviewed the original Toontastic. I thought that the original app was great, even if I had to help the younger children set up the story. We have plenty of stories saved up on our devices, and even as a few days ago my children still played with the original app.

This time around Launchpad Toys tries to bring the same magic of the original app to smaller children. Some of the options have been removed, the guided story making process has been improved and simplified, and even the music selection options have been toned down. The graphics and music are beautiful, thoughtful and not annoying.

To start this time, you select the start, the middle and end of the story. Once selected each scene provides a couple of seconds of non-edible action. After that you are given the opportunity, to add your own action and record your own voice. The next step is to select the music for the scene you just recorded. Once all three scenes have been completed, you are able to save it and run the entire play from the start.

I love the orignal app. I loved it then, and it continues to be one of my favorite apps on the iPad. This one is just as impressive. And at $1.99 it provides many opportunities for learning about creative story telling.

The app was provided by the publisher for review, and is available starting today from the Apple App store for $1.99.