PoppetPuzzles by By PoppetUniverse Limited

Poppet Puzzles is a puzzle game similar to the sliding plastic puzzle games of my youth. I believe you can still get these types of puzzles at the dollar stores and party supply stores. This particular apps provides numerous categories to select the picture from and three difficult settings. The difficulty settings modify the number of the squares that the picture is divided into.

Unlike the plastic puzzle pieces of my youth, this particular app does not have an empty space where you can slide pieces into: every square has an image. It is not clear exactly where you are able to slide the squares to. Picking up a square by tapping it results in a strange flicker as the tile is placed in nearby squares.

The app also does not have sound. Apparently this was done on purpose to provide a “silent app”. I rather have the option to have sound, and turn it down if it becomes annoying.

Overall disappointing app. I really wanted to like this app: indy company, percentage of revenue given to charity, and a concept that I use to love as a child, but the lack a sound and the annoying flickering bad it un-playable for me. Giving it a higher rating, because maybe these issues are not that problematic for some people (and I am hoping for updates to fix the major issues).

It works offline and it is available in the Apple App store and Google Play store. I reviewed the iPad version provided for free by the publisher.