TVOKids Get Growing by TVO

Get growing to the right middle side, girl in flower to the left middle side. Under girl the word Play with an arrow on a sign post.

One of the new additions to the many tablets at this house has been the Blackberry Playbook. This review is the first review on the new device. The app is a simple app revolving around growing vegetable plants. Kids can select the seeds to use (three options only available), make the hole, plant the seeds, provide sun (by clicking on the sun) and then water them. For the watering aspect you are able to either water them by using a can, or by clicking the clouds to make it rain. There are also instructions for adding this activity to a larger lesson and what to do with your child while you play the game.

The illustrations are typical but acceptable, and the music and sound effects although acceptable would become annoying over time. The gameplay although not varied is enough to capture the attention of younger kids. I wish there were more seed options (three seems like two little), and that you would be able to pick the vegetables that you grow (can’t imagine why that step was not included).

TVO is known for their interactive online games in Canada. Although I wish the game had more options, it is free and should be a great addition to a science lesson plan for younger kids.

Available for the Blackberry Playbook, I couldn’t find any other version for any other device.