Animal SnApp: Farm by Nosy Crow

Crow to the left (image candy corn with a beak). Words nosy crow to the right. Red background.

I am a big fan of Nosy Crow. When I got an opportunity to review their new app/book, I was excited. This app is mostly a story book app, but as usual it has some interesting twists. To unlock the stories you have to match up the bottom portion of the animal with the top portion of the animal.

There is a chicken story, a cow story, a dog story, a goat story, a pig story and a sheep story. All the stories are beautifully illustrated, and both the sound effects when click on an item and the music are magnificent. I especially love the Old MacDonald arrangement by Robin on the title screen.

As usual you have the option to read the stories yourself or have the stories read to you. The particular words being read are highlighted. Almost every scene has additional items you can click on.

Very little to complain about other than I was so blown away by Rounds: Franklin Frog (another Nosy Crow’s app) that this was a slight let down (and I don’t even know why).

Reading to your children is one of the most important things you can do to improve or to instill the love of reading. A collection of beautiful illustrated and interactive short story books for $3.99 is a bargain. I reviewed it on my iPad (app provided by the publisher), no version exists for Android devices.