Math vs. Aliens Roger Purcell

Math vs. Aliens is another math fact game. The game play is fairly simple. At the top of the screen you are presented with a math problem for a particular animal. You then have to tap as many of those animals to answer the math problem correctly. Parents that are looking for an app to practice math facts might find the animal matching aspect distracting.

Although the game is called Math vs Aliens, I am not sure how the story relates to the primary activity, but to be honest I didn’t bother reading the story line at the start of the game.

I liked the game, but there were a couple of annoying aspects. On my Android tablet the pictures for the animals looked blurry. I don’t know if the game is only intended for lower resolution Android phones, or that is how it looks on all devices. Also when closing the game, I can continue to hear the background music for the game. Again this is a common problem with other Android apps, but it should be easy to correct it.

Overall a good game. I tested the Play version on my Android tablet. An iPhone version also exists.