Compare A Twist by App of Approval, LLC

Launch screen shown with button to run lesson and button to create lesson.

Compare A Twist is a study aid app. The game play consists of dragging items (either pictures or words) to the appropriate category. The set of items and the categories that go with those items is considered a lesson.

The game comes with a set of pre-made lessons, but the power of the app is in the ability to create your own lessons. Lessons could be created, saved and loaded from Google docs. The results of the lessons can be mailed. The report includes data like how many of the items were answered correctly and on what attempt. Teachers, parents and educators can create a generic Google account were they post the lessons and then the students can retrieve the lessons and send back the results.

The graphics are simple but adequate. The app provides audio and visual feedback when you select the appropriate category and when you don’t. When running a lesson you can also select the type of bucket (2 are available) to drop the items into.

I wish the app had the ability to create more than two categories. I can think of many lessons where more than 2 categories would be helpful. The Google log-in screen also does not have a back button. On two occasions, I ended up being stuck in the Google pages without being able to return to the app (had to quit and restart). I also wish the lesson report was in non-editable PDF format instead of text.

A very solid app. I reviewed the iPad version (provided by the publisher). I didn’t find an Android version.