Happy Little Farmer By GiggleUp Kids Apps And Educational Games Pty Ltd

sun in sky, tractor on the farm, see curve of the world

There is so much to say about this app. The general theme is that you are helping with the farm: growing, feeding, picking and planting.

The game play is very varied. This app has it all from picking and dropping and tilting. The music is adequate (not annoying or jarring) and the illustration are very nicely done.

There are also some very nice extras. You can plant seeds for monster fruit (my name for it) and then feed them to a monster. Easter eggs (at least that is what they look like to me) are also found throughout the scenes, and when you click on them interesting things happen.

It also provides plenty of opportunities for learning. There is sorting, the concept of day/night and many other concepts.

My daughter loved the app, and spent a good time playing with it. Since my iPad is heavy (protective case), she had a hard time in the tilting scenes. Not so much an app flaw, but should be noted for small kids and big cases.

I really can’t find any flaws with the app. Perfectly executed, tons of content and enough variety of gameplay to keep my kids coming for more.

No Android version that I can find, the game for $1.99 is available for the IPad on the Apple App Store. I received a free copy from the publisher.