Bird Launcher by RV AppStudios

Rocket, a shield and some fruit.

Bird Launcher is a puzzle app where you launch a bird further and further upward until it reaches the nest. There are plenty of game upgrades and bird power-ups that you can get with coins. The coins can be either won through in-game play or purchased for real money.

The graphic are nicely done but nothing special, and the music is tolerable in small amounts (at least you can turn it off). The default bird is acceptable, and you are able to get free coins by posting on twitter, Facebook and other public forums.

What age group or grade would this be appropriate for? Not sure. If you forget about the in app purchases, very small kids could probably get entertained by launching the bird, and learn very little. But it also has in app advertising for their other apps, and some of those might be a little scary for younger kids (One has severed finger).

For older kids the puzzle appear to be fairly easy until they get extremely frustrating for no reason (probably to encourage in app purchases).

If you collect puzzle apps, like birds, and don’t mind spending real money for upgrades (for a different bird or a different background) this one might be one for you. Available for iPhone, Android, Nook, and Kindle Fire. I played the iPad version.