Magical Music Box By Kidoteca

The moon, a train, and a village spin in the music box.

Magic Music Box by Kidoteca was one of our favorite apps when we started. Notified by the publisher of an update, we will take the opportunity to note any changes to the app as well as revise the review with our current thoughts.

Consisting of nothing more than musical boxes, the apps illustrations are beautiful. As the music box spins the animations are creative, unique and sometimes funny. I also enjoyed the music choices (with this update even more songs are available). It ranges from the expected to the Brazilian national anthem. The app allows you to mix and match any song to any of the boxes, and to either turn the box yourself by spinning a crank, using your fingers to move movie box (new with the update) or let the box turn itself. The app also provides a fact sheet for the music/composer, and the ability to change the language of the fact sheet.

For the younger children, they will be fascinated by the movements and the music. They will also like the ability to be able to turn it themselves. The fact sheets can be read by the adults to give some context to the music. The app can also be used as a sleeping aid, freeing the parent/s from having to hum lullabies for hours.

I couldn’t find anything that I didn’t like. And all the suggestion I came up with, might not even be for everyone. I am not a big fan of in-app purchases especially for children apps, but this app almost begs for it. It would be nice, if I could buy more musical boxes and music as they become available (added boxes have been free). I also wish there was a description of the illustrator/artist that came up with the music boxes or at the very least a small explanation of what inspired the particular box.

Highly recommended, and well worth the price. Available in Play Store (for Android), the Amazon App Store, and in Apple App Store, I reviewed the iPad version (provided by the publisher).