Where is Boots? by MTV Networks

My oldest daughter is 11, and my youngest is 4. My oldest daughter loved Dora, and I can honestly say that I liked her also at first. But after almost 9 years of Dora, her voice isn’t as sweet as it use to be.

My dislike of Dora aside, I had a hard time finding anything particular to hate about this game. The app consists of three parts. One is a story/game where you help Dora find boots (she needs to deliver some bananas). The story is read/acted by Dora (the words are highlighted as she speaks). Also all of the scenes/pages have interactive elements.

The second is a game where you have to catch bananas as they either drop down, float up or fly by. And finally you get the opportunity to create scenes by dragging characters and items to backgrounds from the story. Once the custom scene is finished, it can be saved.

All the mini games/stories are illustrated in typical Dora style. Dora as usual sprinkles in some words in spanish (especially during the story portion), and she also provides words of encouragement throughout the experience. The app never crashed or behave in any way that was not expected, and the interface is intuitive and responsive.

If your child loves Dora and you don’t mind her voice, your child will not be disappointed with this app. I reviewed the iPhone version (provided free by the publisher). I didn’t find an Android version.