Magi Forest By Ola Games

Magi Forest is a puzzle game where you click on gems to drop animals into their nest. Upon dropping all the animals into their nest you can proceed to the next level.

The background and the characters are beautifully painted. The music is also very nice: not extremely annoying after extended play. There is also enough variations to keep the puzzles interesting (balloons, jellies and other game play variations).

The puzzles get progressively harder, and might get too hard too quickly for younger children. You are not allowed to proceed if any of the animals do not reach the nest (no partial credit). You can purchase the ability to skip a level: for .99 cents or by joining Alfa Circles and earning it (After signing up and logging into the site, I couldn’t figure out how to earn anything). If you don’t want random extra charges, I would recommend turning off in app purchases or telling your kids not to purchase a level.

Overall a pleasant, but not ground breaking puzzle game. If you don’t have enough of them on your tablet, wouldn’t mind another one, and you don’t mind the in-app purchase for skipping a level (or signing up and into a random site) this one can provide a hours of entertainment.

Available on the Apple App Store for 99 cents. I reviewed the iOS version on the iPad (provided by the publisher).