Win a Spin HD By Doodle Smith Ink

I am not currently a teacher; and I barely was one. But I did work in a preschool as a teacher assistant for 4 years, volunteered as a general tutor for a half a year, worked as college tutor for 3 years, student taught in a high school for half a year, and clocked more hours that I can count last year at a public school (in the classroom helping out). In all those years, I have only met one teacher that used a spinning board.

It was very effective in her class. She would divide the class in groups, and based on certain behaviors she would have one participant of the group spin the wheel. The group would receive whatever the wheel stated in fake currency and at the end of the class whatever group had the most currency would receive a prize. Of course this teacher had a hand crafted board and carried around zip locks of fake currency.

This app replaces the board with a iPad/iPhone app. It does a good job of doing this, but I just wish there was more to the app. I wish that you could add all the students for all the blocks. I wish it could keep track of score/prizes and present a leader board. I wish you could enter more than the 6 prizes currently permitted. I wish that you could change the music.

I debated for a while if I should include the review of this app on my site. Technically it is not an educational app. In the end I decided to include it because it might be helpful to some of the people who read this site. It forced me to add a new category: For Educators.

I reviewed the iPad version (provided for free by the publisher). An iPhone version also exists.

All in all, it replaces the spin board perfectly. I can’t wait for future versions.