Franklin Frog by nosy crow

When my first daughter was young she use to love this show called Oswald. I use to spend hours watching it with her. What I liked so much about the show was its simplicity, the clarity of the message and how calm and gentle the show was (while still being captivating). I can say all those same things about Franklin Frog by nosy crow.

The app is nothing more than a circular story about the life cycle of a frog and frogs in general. But although the concept is simple the app execution is perfect. The music is beautiful. The character voice is clear. The illustrations are magnificent. Overall the production value is extremely high (higher than most app).

The navigation is intuitive. My daughter had no problem knowing when to press the frog and when she was able to move to the next scene. The pace of the story is dictated by the reader. My daughter spent many minutes making the tadpole eat his food. And as a tool to help kids learn about the life cycle of frogs, you would be hard pressed to find a book or another app that does this better.

Most of the pictures in this post and most of the videos I have seen pale in comparison to the actual experience of playing/reading the app. Highly recommended and only available on the Apple App Store, I reviewed the iPad version (provided to me by the publisher).