Tap Kids by 2be!creative

Tap Kids is an iPad/iPhone app with four different mini-games. All the mini-games are variations on the same theme: click on the number, color, object or animal when told. You score points for each successful click and lose points when you don’t click the correct one. You are also rewarded for doing it as fast as you can. So for example for the numbers mini-game: it will show you 2+1 and you would have to click on 3 as fast as you can.

As far as educational value for children, they would be able to learn math facts, and also the colors, and some animals and objects. Even though I am not young, I played the game more times that I would like to admit. Two things made it addictive to me: One I wanted to beat my previous record and two the fact that I felt I was re-learning Portuguese (You can also change the language from English to Portuguese). When I was younger I had a few Brazilian friends that tried in vain to teach me the language. With this game I was able to master a few objects, a few animals, and a few colors. Not bad for a 99c app.

As for things I wish were different:
I wish the app had sound. For a while I thought my iPad was broken. It would have been really great if all the Portuguese words were sounded out. I also would have liked if the top score was based on the individual mini-games and not the entire game as a whole. My record was on colors, but I couldn’t get anywhere near that score with any of the other mini-games. Clicking on the start button and then having to jump right into the game doesn’t feel right. Maybe in the next version, they’ll add a typical 3 second countdown before you start the game. And finally I would have love more objects and more animals.

I reviewed the app (provided for free by the publisher) on my iPad. The app works with no internet connection. And I couldn’t find an Android version of any kind.