Awesome Upstander! by HealthTeacher, Inc.

Awesome Upstander! is a side scrolling 2D platform game (think of old school Mario). This platform game deals with bullies. By collecting objects and friends you are able to stand up to the bully at the end of the board.

The game re-enforces the idea that you can stand up to bullies if you bring enough friends. Some of the objects you collect also illustrate other things you can do. A phone could be useful for calling the school or a parent if you are about to be bullied. At the very least the game is a way to vent for children that are bullied, and maybe provide a game were they feel they have some control.

The game has some very minor problems. The game got a little repetitive for me (but not sure if this would hold true for a young children), and the burping sound when you eat fruit will probably get old for the parents (although provide hours of giggle for some kids and you can turn it off). I also had problems jumping at times, but as I have said in a few reviews my fingers aren’t that agile.

Overall how can you fault a 2D platform game where a kid that is being bullied comes up on top at the end of the level. I reviewed the iPhone version on my iPad (the app was provided for free by the publisher). An iPad and an Android version also exist. The app is available for $0.99, does not have an in-app store, and appears to work offline.