Viva Diamonds by Ronen Tsamir

Viva Diamonds by Ronen Tsamir is a hang man word game and a sort of Angry Bird clone (in a very loose sense). Partially completed words are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Launching a rock will break colored diamonds and expose letters in bubbles. You can then pop the bubbles with the correct letters to complete the words.

I have to admit that it is an interesting concept. I don’t particularly like the in-app store, but sadly that is the only way most small developers can make any money. The graphics and sound effects are average, although I wish the design and color scheme were less busy and more polished. It doesn’t help that it also has ads.

Sadly I don’t know exactly where this app fits as an educational app. The ads and the in-app gold make it too complicated for younger children. The single word hang-man puzzle make it too simple as an educational app for older children. Which leaves me with the idea that maybe it would be good for adults trying to learn english as a second language.

Even with all its flaws, I like the concept enough to give it 4 Stars. Maybe this will encourage the developer to create other puzzle/action word games.

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Available free in both Apple and Google store, I reviewed the Google Play version at the request of the publisher.